WP Engine WordPress Hosting | A Must Read Before Buying

Which WordPress Hosting Service Is The Best?

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting for your e-commerce site (or any wordpress site for that matter), here at Red Sheep, we recommend WP Engine 100%. Full, disclosure – yes we are an affiliate for them, but only because we have tried 6 other platforms and decided on WP Engine after extensive testing and live experience.

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In fact, we used to work with Flywheel Hosting and actually moved away from them as their service has declined significantly for us.


The 3 Critical Benefits of WP Engine Hosting For E-Commerce

  1. Great Speed & Platform Stability: In e-commerce hosting (or any hosting) speed matters for a number of reasons. The longer people wait for your site, the more they leave and the more sales you miss out on. If your site is slow, this will impact your rankings and can potentially decrease the amount of traffic your site gets.
  2. Fantastic and Responsive Customer Service: WP Engine has fantastic customer service. They are fast to respond and do what it takes to get your site working correctly. A great example of WP Engine support: They migrated my site off Flywheel and get the staging site working perfectly BEFORE Flywheel even responded to my customer service request asking why my website was running slowly.
  3. Easy Migration: See above. The whole process took about 10 minutes to move my site from Flywheel hosting over to WP Engine.

Proof Of WP Engine’s Blazing Fast WordPress Speeds

In my saga of trying every wordpress hosting platform out there for my e-commerce store to find the fastest and most robust wordpress e-comm hosting, I finally found the winner with WP Engine Hosting.

WP Engine Hosting Site Speed Improved Over Flywheel by 50%

Below is real data on how switching my site from Flywheel WordPress hosting to WP Engine hosting decreased (improved) my site speed by about 50%! This faster wordpress site loading time means fewer bounces, fewer annoyed customers – and most importantly, more sales.

Do you think your site might be running slowly? Try testing site speeds with popular tools like the mobile site speed tool or Pingdom.

wp ending hosting site speed improvementsWhy WP Engine WordPress Hosting Should Be Your First Choice

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Is A Disaster


Don’t Be Fooled By FlyWheel WordPress Hosting

You may be considering Flywheel hosting. Honestly, their wordpress hosting started out great for us when we moved off Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting. The platform offered better site speed and was more stable for the wordpress platform, but after a few months the e-commerce site began to slow down.

We saw the wordpress site slow down on Flywheel both from the backend admin panel and our customers also sent emails complaining.