Why I Founded Red Sheep Media

24 Aug 2016

Nicholas Pompa

Founder & Marketing Strategist

Other Companies Charge Huge Rates Upfront. We’re Different.

Other website design companies charge huge rates upfront, build a site and then most walk away. Even the most basic website for a small company can range from $5K – $20K and more complicated sites with checkouts, testing and other features can quickly add up to $40K – $100K.

This model was killing a lot of great ideas and small businesses that I saw and worked with. Small business owners and entrepreneurs needed their first or a more effective web presence and marketing to take their business to the next level, but the price tag was keeping them from jumping in. The companies I spoke to wanted to:

  • Launch sales online
  • Generate traffic to a retail location
  • Schedule appointments and generate leads for their sales team

I founded Red Sheep Media to make sure small / medium sized businesses could grow even if they didn’t have tons of cash.

Cashflow Tradeoffs: A Thing Of The Past

The ROI of an optimized website can be huge, but for small and medium sized businesses it can be hard to justify spending the dollars today when you ALSO need them to buy inventory, pay staff or buy advertising to generate sales. I saw great companies having to sacrifice long term growth to stay afloat today. The website and advertising agency model was broken – so I decided to fix it.

It’s All About Risk. We’ll Take Yours

Other website agencies want to minimize their risk. That’s why they charge you upfront so that they make money regardless of what happens to your business. Thus all the risk is on you.

At Red Sheep, we help small businesses by putting the risk on us. We build your site or marketing strategy for FREE and don’t charge huge fees upfront. Instead we charge small monthly fees for staying involved and making sure you succeed. Yes, that means we pay our team out of our pocket for the work and you get to keep your cash today for more immediate needs.

How Does Red Sheep Stay Afloat?

Our unique model does limit how many new clients we can help at once. But we love that! It means we get to know each client and their business extremely well – that helps us get into the details with you and feel like part of your on-staff team.

It also means we have to be selective about which clients we partner with. We are looking for people with great ideas and the determination to succeed. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you!

We are currently able to bring on 1 new project per month. If you need website or marketing help and want to talk to an expert, give us a shout!



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