Where Did The Red Sheep Media Name Come From?

29 Aug 2016

Nicholas Pompa

Founder & Marketing Strategist

Accidental Genius?

Honestly, the name Red Sheep Media is a complete accident.

During 2015 I had quit my job as a Marketing Director at a successful turnaround company in Silicon valley and moved to Denver. Silicon Valley was awash with capital and anyone with even a notion of a business idea could get a few hundred thousand dollars or a few million from some friend of a friend.

Great Ideas, Not Enough Money To Market

Things were different in Denver, I met a lot of young entrepreneurs with legitimately Good ideas, but many were struggling to get enough money to get off the ground.

Most of these great ideas needed marketing to take the next step in growth. But without money, no marketing, web or advertising agencies would help them. I started pitching the concept of a “Free Website Design Firm” and marketing agency designed specifically for small businesses and startups.

Breaking The “Agency” Model

A friend joked that I was “breaking the web design” model of Charge Them First and Deliver Later and would be quickly labeled the Black Sheep of the industry. I told him that we are all used to Black Sheep now and besides, they still blend in to the scenery. I’d rather be a Red Sheep and stand out.

I let the idea drop as I focused on a few other projects, until I had almost forgotten about it.

1 year later that friend came back to me and said he had a great idea and needed help from Red Sheep Media.

You Know A Great Idea When…

I realized if a potential customer remembered the concept because of the name a year later…it was accidental marketing genius. Or maybe not – often we remember things because they have a narrative behind them.

Do you have an idea that needs a narrative? Email me nick@lyonsventures.co to tell me about it. I’ll see how we can help.



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