How To Improve Cart Abandonment | Guide & Tools

22 Dec 2016

High shopping cart abandonment is one of my personal pet peeves of E-commerce and Online Marketing.

Are you suffering from shopping cart abandonment rates above 50%? It’s ok, many sites are as high as 80-90% abandonment.

It’s extremely frustrating to see people get all the way to your cart and then leave. I’ve personally been there numerous times with numerous businesses.

But don’t worry, today there are great tools and a list of techniques I’ll share with you to begin lowering your website’s shopping cart abandonment rate and improving your conversions and sales.

Step 1: Get an abandoned cart recovery process in place

The basic process for this is fairly simple. You capture the potential customers email in the cart before they checkout. If they abandon your shopping cart the recovery system send them emails reminding them to come back and checkout.

These emails can be customized with different messages, deals, offers and timings to bring people back to your cart.

What’s the best cart abandonment recovery tool?

This could be a never ending debate and you can find the best option for you, but we have tested and are big fans of  Ghost Monitor.

ghost monitor

We like this tool because:

  • Works with common E-commerce sites like Shopify and Woocommerce
  • Extremely easy to setup
  • Comes with predesigned recovery emails
  • Great dashboard gives fantastic insights
  • Exportable list of customers who abandoned

You can see an example of the dashboard below for a a site we just setup.

Ghost Monitor Cart Recovery


Step 2: Ask why they abandoned your shopping cart in the first place

This is the step that many of us miss. Getting an abandonment process in place can help recover up to 15% of your sales (which is HUGE) – but don’t just stop there.

It’s time to learn why they decided to leave your shopping cart before checking out in the first place. Common reasons to ¬†fail to checkout:

  • Ran out of time
  • Decided to look for a better deal
  • Realized they still had some questions about the product or service
  • Saw something they didn’t like during checkout

Some of these issues may be fixed with the process – but some may not. We highly recommend testing different messages or even directly emailing or calling your cart abandoners and asking. You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

These questions could offer insights that will help you improve your product, process or checkout.


In one business we helped, they were seeing extremely high abandonment rates for an online repair service. We had tons of great reviews and couldn’t figure out the problem.

We emailed a few abandoners and asked why they had left. The answer was simple:

“I saw the reviews, but just wasn’t quite sure your business was legit”

We devised a solution to show our location on a map along with business hours & a customer service number in the sidebar during the checkout process. This was all the validation customers needed.

Is your cart struggling to get conversions?

Let us know what’s happening via contact form or email. We’d love to grab 10 or 15 minutes one the phone to see if we can find a quick solution for you.

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